At Richards Transport Ltd. We pride ourselves in being able to supply you with the type of equipment it takes to move your cargo safely and claim free from shipper to receiver and at competitive rates.


Richards Transport specializes in oversize heavy haul loads up to 70 tons across Canada and the United States. In addition to our heavy haul service offerings, we also provide Legal Load, LTL, Hot Shot and Forklift Services. Our fleet of trucks and trailers is as diversified as our customer base. Our fleet includes equipment ranging from b-trains, to step decks and double drops, to 13 axle steer dolly units, including windmill blade trailers and Schnabel hook ups. If we do not have the trailer or saddles to haul your load, we will work to either obtain it, or built it to the needed specifications.

In addition to our specialized fleet, we have a list of preferred subcontractors who work to fulfill customer needs. Our partnerships enable us to handle large organized moves, particularly when time is of the essence. We have a state of the art onboard satellite communication system providing our customers with real time load tracking information. Our central dispatch is performed from our main terminal in Regina, SK.

Not only does Richards Transport haul all types of machinery, vessels and pumping stations, we also specialize in moving wind turbines directly from the port of entries all the way to the erection sights. We are equipped to haul all components for the windmills, including the windmill blades which require a specialized trailers.

Equipment Heavy Hauling

Richards Transport is an industry leader in specialized heavy hauling, servicing the construction, agricultural, oil and gas, mining, and wind sectors across North America. Specialized heavy hauling requires superior logistics, experience, knowle...

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Oil and Gas

Richards Transport has serviced the country’s ever-expanding oil and gas sectors for decades. During this time, we have been the trusted hauler of oversize loads for projects across North America, both big and small. Current projects include: ...

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Wind Turbines

The transportation of wind turbines for customers across Canada and the United States is both an exciting and significant part of Richards Transport business, and has been for some time. Wind Turbines consist of four different section and, in tur...

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Richards Transports knows firsthand that serving the mining sector presents numerous challenges requiring flexibility, innovation, logistics, adaptation or sometimes the complete redesign of trailers. We take pride in finding cost effective ways ...

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Logisitics / Brokerage Division

At Richard Transports, logistics (the research and planning of transportation operations) is our business. Over the years, we have evolved into a multi-service provider to the fast growing logistics industry. Specialized heavy hauling is one of t...

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Hot Shot Service

Richards Transport has been a leading provider of transportation services in the oil and gas sectors for decades. In these sectors, every second counts when component parts are required in short order. Sizes of these loads vary from project-to-pr...

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Winch/Jack & Skid Service

Richards Transport has an extensive fleet of modern winches, jacks and skids to suit any need, large or small. We focus on providing quality service and have established ourselves the as the first choice for this line of work. Our clients are oper...

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Less than a Truckload

Richards Transport has been moving "less than a truck load" (LTL) freight for many years. We take pride in being able to supply this service, in addition to our legal load and oversize load options we have become very well known for. We can move ...

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